Information on this site privacy policy

"Appropriate handling and protection of your personal information, we believe that it is a social responsibility for the Cherry Garden Japan.

Or provided by customers Itadakimashita using this site, the personal information that we acquired by other methods, based on the basic policy related to stipulate the protection of personal information in the following, properly handled, it will strive to protect."

1. Definition of personal information

"And"personal information", it says what you can identify a specific individual, such as the following.

  • Name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address.
  • It can easily be matched with other information, and be able to identify a specific individual by this verification information."
2. Use of personal information

"Personal information of customers, it is assumed that the Company is available.
Intended use of your personal information shall be as follows.

  • In order to fulfill your application of the contents of the customer
  • Direct mail to customers, in order to provide the information by e-mail, etc.
  • Opinions that were received from the customer, in order to meet the request
  • When the after-sales service, you need to contact the customer for the purpose of maintenance caused
  • If your personal information is necessary other than the Company will use occurred, and in case you ever need to use in addition to the above-mentioned purpose of use has occurred, upon obtaining the customer's prior consent, be happy to provide or use you."
3. The provision of personal information to third parties

"Personal information you provided by the customer does not provide to any third party except in cases falling under any of the following.

  • If you have gotten consent from customers
  • If your individual is in a state that can not be identified
  • If the country of institutions and local governments are required to cooperate with it to carry out the office to the provisions of the laws and regulations
  • If based on the laws and regulations"
4. Management of your personal information

The Company, in addition to implementing the education enlightenment activities for employees, put the person responsible for each department handling personal information, we will strive to proper management of your personal information. Our company, unauthorized access or leakage to your personal data, loss, in order to prevent damage, etc., and strive to maintain the security for such as our WEB site.

5. Customers of the disclosure of personal data, correction, addition, suspension of use, erasing

"For personal data of customers who have been held in our, your own is to disclose, correct, add, if the suspension of use, operation is required each claim of erasing, please charged directly to the Company. Applicable your claim is your customers If it is due to their own could be confirmed, the disclosure of your personal data, correction, addition, suspension of use, erases.

Implementation of the disclosure of the above, for the non-implementation, we will contact you to customers that had billed.
It should be noted that, in the case of non-implementation will strive to please explain why."

6. Immunity

Protection, such as your personal information in other WEB sites that are linked to this site, for handling, etc., does not assume any responsibility.

7. Contact

Inquiries regarding personal information of "Cherry Garden Japan, please contact the following.

【In the case of Web】
Please inquire from the inquiry form.

【In the case of mailing】
Location: Higashiikebukuro 1-42-15 Raize office 3F, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0013,Japan
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